Confirmed: The 2023 Montagna Symposium on the Biology of Skin will be hosted in-person.



Deadline for Submission: July 25, 2023

A limited number of posters selected from submitted abstracts will be accepted for presentation at the meeting, and submissions for short oral presentations will be selected from abstracts to create the final program of meeting speakers.

Abstract Guidelines

  • Do not exceed 200 words.
  • Include all authors’ full names and their institutions.
  • Briefly summarize the study’s background, purpose, results, and conclusions, in that order and without headings.
  • Write with a general scientific audience in mind, and avoid nonstandard abbreviations, acknowledgments of support, footnotes, or references.
  • Indicate if you or another author would like to be considered for a travel award (details below).
  • Submit abstract as an upload in the form below, or as a Word email attachment to the Montagna Symposium Administrative Coordinator.

Submit an Abstract