Browsing Human Epidermal Gene Expression Using SCARAB

SCARAB (Single-Cell Analysis of RNA Browser) allows you to browse data from the Cell Reports Cheng et al manuscript “Transcriptional programming of normal and inflamed human epidermis at single cell resolution.” This work was first presented at the 2017 Montagna Symposium Precision Dermatology: Next Generation. Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment.The displayed transcript abundance data is derived from more than 80,000 epidermal cells profiled from 12 samples representing foreskin, trunk, scalp, and psoriatic epidermis, using the 10X Chromium single-cell RNA sequencing platform. UCSF epidermal single-cell studies were partially made possible by the generous support of Janet L. Maldonado, Steven Juno, and Vera Price.

A simple way to begin is to assign your gene of interest to the y-axis and either KRT5 or KRT10 to the x-axis. This gives an approximation of the evolution of gene expression through the epidermis in either a basal or differentiated direction.

Cell Reports UCSF

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